What you can get

Personal Training has been popular for the last few decades and there are reasons this service didn't fade over the years. Here is what you can get with a personalised approach to fitness.

You can waste time in the gym, or you can use it wisely. Every person’s body is different and therefore will respond to exercise in slightly different ways, and it will depend on their goals. A good Personal Trainer can help to identify the best exercises and frequency to support people to reach realistic and achievable goals. Without this, people can not only waste time and money but also lose motivation. People can get more value from their investment by getting a personalised evaluation and workout plan, providing structure, support, and help in setting goals. 

Many people who start to join a gym refer that they feel overwhelmed by the different facilities and do not know how to use the several types of equipment. For that reason, an introduction should be offered to all new members. Thus, too often, gym users feel clueless about how they should be working out, and often are too embarrassed to ask for help. This lack of direction may result in following someone else’s workout because that person seems to know what they were doing or looks good physically.

Wellbeing is so individual; it just makes sense that everyone needs a plan that is built around them and their needs. Copying someone else’s workout in the gym is not only likely to prove ineffective, as it hasn’t been tailored to you, but it could also result in injury.

Understanding your workout

People should have a basic knowledge of the key measures that can be used to personalise a more effective workout plan, such as knowing their resting heart rate, blood pressure, aerobic fitness between others. 

Other indicators like previous or existing injuries, joint mobility, body fat percentage can be used to plan a bespoke fitness program based on a person’s goals and /or to track progress. Progress should be measured, and workouts reviewed periodically.


The mental challenge

However, when it comes to health and fitness, it’s not just the physical that’s important; it’s also the psychological ‘readiness to change’ that can affect performance, and therefore achievement, at the gym. 

One of the reasons we tend not to start or to stick making change is that it can take effort and discomfort. 

For example, we may think that it will be cold outside when we plan to go for a run, or it will ‘hurt’ and cause discomfort. To counter this, positive visual imagery may be useful. Regular sessions with a personal trainer may give you the boost you need and having someone in your corner to push and encourage you can be rewarding.

A personalised approach to fitness should also challenge you mentally as physically, so avoid that you get bored and take you to the next level. You should develop a routine for you with plenty of variety of exercises to keep you off that plateau.

At New Body Gym we have university graduate Personal Trainers that can help you be healthier, feel and look better.

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